We provide a wide range of services

  • - Configuration and installation of GreatPay
  • - Data conversion from your old payroll system
  • - Training on the web or on-site
  • - Fast phone support
  • - Automatic updates of programs and ATO requirements

Configuration and installation of GreatPay

We will configure GreatPay to your requirements. If you need a special function, then, if it is possible we will make it happen. GreatPay can be installed anywhere in Australia using remote connection techniques. We will work with your current IT people and your Dynamics Consultants to integrate the package to your existing system. If you are installing a new system, then we will supply all requirements to your consultants or install GreatPay for you directly.

Data Conversion

Where possible, we will convert your existing payroll data so you are not faced with the task of re-typing all of your payroll data and opening balances. If you want to “start again” and not use your old data then we will supply you with a fast and simple data setup function.


We can run training sessions over the web or we can attend on-site for a one on one setup and training solution. GreatPay comes with a printed manual as well as an easy lookup manual within the program.


If you have an issue develop with GreatPay or have entered someing incorrectly or you are not sure how to process a special payroll requirement,  support staff are available on our hotline to assist you in any way we can. We also are available to connect to your system remotely if required.


GreatPay is registered as an ATO compliant Payroll Program with the Australian Tax Office. We are provided with regular updates indicating future tax office requirements. We not only provide updates to you to ensure ATO compliance but we are also enhancing the GreatPay program and supplying updates which broaden the functionality of GreatPay as they become available